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43. The Big Bang Job

Let's Steal a podcast LSP published on

We’re watching the Big Bang Job, we’re talking about train heists, bad boys, and converging plot threads.
We also discuss: Cass is drunk with power (and lewd this episode), Chris Pyne, Giant Bomb’s GOTY discussion, Austin Walker’s Uncle Ben’s advice, the filter comes off, Tumblrs retreat here (per application), Spanish swears acceptable on American TV, that’s VORE!, Yuri recs from the Yuri Librarian, our Quirks, darling of the podcast: Pepper, turn turn tentacle, it was Steve Jackson who made Munchkin, earmuffs, One fear edit please, no interest in fire and/or psychic aliens, Lab Lesbian, military bad, a good French accent, noted woman disrespecter Damien Moreau, suck that chair, just like in my fanfics, why are people acting like Elliot doesn’t kill?, over the top evil or implications for tragic backstory?, Parker/Livewire good shit, Robert Rodriguez’ wild ride, The Italian makes something out of nothing, Pepper is worried about the Italian, Bonano ex Machina, Cass’ plan to steal a time machine, turn based roguelike recs pls.

Hardcoded (18+)
Press Buttons ‘n’ Talk: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team LP
Fanfic Rec: Muckraker! (Venom Fanfic 18+)

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