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45. The Long Way Down Job

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We’re watching the Long Way Down Job, we’re talking about Green Lantern, Mountaineering, and jet skis but for snow.
We discuss abuse from: 1:08:17 to 1:10:40.
We also discuss those John Green books, We Placed, DC Cities, Latinx superheroes, What happens when Frankie dies, Our 1 year anniversary, Shapeshifters and Genderfluidity in superhero comics, the show has evil CEOs again, Ice themed DC supers (Many), Ice themed Marvel Supers (one), Ice-Man got screwed over, Evil Australians, Cassidy is a Tweener, “Do you see me as a younger sister figure, Garza?”, everyone is doing really well this episode, a Wrestling Troupe, fun with German, is Nate ok?, Parker and Elliot, Cass does a Mr Freeze impression vs Frankie in a Batman impression, even when he’s a criminal Nate’s still a cop, Sophie and Nate pretend they didn’t boink, our Lantern Corps, She’s got the link.

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