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47. The 15 Minutes Job

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We’re watching the 15 Minutes Job, we’re talking about Magic Photoshop, CGI Yoda, and Milkshake Duck.
We also discuss PAX South, Dicey Dungeons & Swapette, Cheesy Rollups, connection issues, we try and fail to talk about our weeks for twenty minutes, speedrunning LSaP, its finally happened, Fabby Ann watched the wrong episode, Nate’s vanishing friends, Hardison Hates New Yoda, The FamAsser, the show certainly made a choice, Mark Hamil good, Justice League Action: Missing the Mark, Mr Jameson the 80 year old Firefighter/Kidney Donor, there’s a transphobic joke in this Leverage, hey John Rogers, a 250k dollar extortion is good actually, a real shiny foil in this episode, 24601 is released on parole, Guy Fieri (Reverse Milkshake Duck), Smash Mouth & John Romero say Trans Rights, smooth Yoda’s Tom Hardy lips, Luke of MCUCM’s Tom Hardy impression, our impressions of Tom Hardy/Venom, trio of bad leverage moments.

A Crap Guide to D&D by Youtube user JoCat
Netlfix Fyre Festival Documentary

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