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50. The Carnival Job

Let's Steal a podcast LSP published on

We’re watching the Carnival Job, we’re talking about Fairy Foods, Sideshow Alleys, and Daredevil.

We also discuss the Barnaked Ladies, no guests, days since White Yoda, Gaymer Grrls, Gerard Way’s Umbrella Academy starring Ellen Page, ODAAT, Halls of Mirrors, this client is… unfortunate, Nate steals dirt, Molly is cool, the Ekka, Parker is a good Rogue, this show won’t and shouldn’t do a trans narrative, just for plot reasons, Snipers on Ferris Wheels, this episode wasn’t well written, did someone give Eliot fear toxin?, the bad horny Eliot returns, rest in pepperoni, bread opinions, Squid hat, fried dough treats, Broodje, it was Screaming Mimi.

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