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51. The Grave Danger Job

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We’re watching the Grave Danger Job, we’re talking about Buried Alive, Friendship, and Death.

We also discuss the weather, goof feedback, One Day at a Time is a good show and its super important, a good 9/11 episode, Syd is good, FFXIV X-Over quests, Tiny Rabbit is obsessed with Girlfriend 4 times his size, Ass Creed Libspill, One (Pod)cast at a Time, Victor is here (he’s only slightly less of an asshole), Bones and the Gravedigger, Cass talks about Autism in the media, the Good Doctor and vocal Cadence, the use of archetypes outside of explicit representation is erasure (the Jughead Principle), hey good writing, sometimes you gotta be a cold lesbian, Magneto is like wine (gets better and bitterer with age), did this writer think Parker doesn’t like people?, Sophie and Parker have romantic chemistry in this episode where the writers want us to ship Pardison, we repeat “its bad” ten times each because its bad, Hardison gets buried alive, Javier is kinda extra and that could have been very good, shoutout to the director and Aldis Hodge for the coffin scenes, Hardison gets fridged, I heard Parker had an eight pack that Parker was shredded, it’s an American taunt, fuck ICE, only seeing yourself in media as stereotypes and monsters is really dehumanizing, the Proposal (2009), Jean Val(Donate)jean, Nonbinary Luchadore Batperson (LatinXplosion).

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One Day at a Time
Spook School – Less than Perfect

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