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52. The Boiler Room Job

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We’re watching the Boiler Room Job, we’re talking about Chocolate, Wall Street, and Sharks.

We also discuss the Wachowski Sisters, FFXIV Netflix tie-in show, Premium Dapper Cactaur Mount, when Cass was a Wii Lass, Super Princess Peach, Solo Mario Party, Game Game Game and another Game, Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games series, the absolute best conman, Wolf of Wall street, #NotAllGrifters, it’s not Christmas, Makos throughout entertainment history, LatinXplosion, Scam Squad, Midnight Oil, Blowjob mishearings, the return of Irwin R Schiester, the very best sex demon, Nate and Sophie are Nasty, the Moonwalking Bear, Friendship Haiku, we make cakes on air, Jon Talain with Weregarurumon’s markings, we’ve got a rough scene coming up next week, Fabby’s Spellbooks.

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