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55. The Experimental Job

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We’re watching the Experimental Job, we’re talking about the Prisoner’s Dilemma, Nepotism, and Pretentiousness.

Warning: this episode deals with PTSD, depictions of torture, and bullying.

We also discuss the nice Yokozuna, shame on you Square Enix, Dr. Strange is best as a consult, the titular Grey Goo, we don’t trust AAA studios, Zero Escape = Dangan Ronpa ;P, a short Beast Morphers tangent, Bullies = bad, Judy Hopps abortion comic, this episode misses the point, I don’t trust neurotypicals who study psychology, B99 bad, “Eliot, she’s lesbian.”, the absolute coward John Rogers, Nate horny?, a tender side of butt, buying the Pope videogames, this episode is weird about PTSD, Fish Blops, FFXIV lesbians, this episode is weird about toxic masculinity, *Garfield Voice* you don’t get pregnant from blowjobs, they let the villain go at the end, Netflix bad, it’s the yawncast, Hardison had an eight pack, the Monty Hall problem at Sacrifice, Crypt of the Necrodancer, all the _ small things.

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