Let’s Steal a Podcast

6. The Stork Job

Let's Steal a podcast LSP published on

On this episode we’re discussing  B Movies, sleazebags, and Häagen Dazs. So, let’s go steal a Podcast.

We also talk about adoption law, Mr Bean the Mafioso, do his fangs and cape frighten us?, we still hadn’t introduced ourselves, we revisit the geography corner, Michigan was lost, no one in Maine listens to us except Steven King, there’s a surprise tool that can help us later, Parker is good, we discuss Sophie manipulating Nate multiple times, we are disconnected, but we get a “to be Continued”, Frankie’s puppy gets scared, Parker is the hero we deserve, heavy stuff, tonal whiplash, and oh hi Nate! We also talk about mistranslations, Cosplay, and Leva Bates.


Pez film  A stop-motion youtube channel


Ward Audiobook Podcast 

Which is the sequel to

Worm Audiobook Podcast 


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