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65. The First Contact Job

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We’re watching the First Contact Job, we’re talking about Sci-Fi, Cyphers, and Mr Musk.

We discuss depression and suicide from 27:00 to 28:12

We also discuss dour moods, good news, ladies like strong teeth, pokefusions, Live Astrology, Hercules, Skatune Network, Good Gwenpoole Ebooks, Sin-Sister Six comic, Gay wrath wedding, Parker is mean, substitute podcaster, completionists, this episode is ableism cordial concentrate, Eliot is a war criminal, DNC debate part 1, Bleach, they don’t love the characters, for a second it’s good, Nate doesn’t remember it’s never about the money, the client sells his design to weapons manufacturers, Fermi and Drake, how to ruin a con with 1 bad alias, Charlie Xavier’s Angels, the Bad John Job, an Alien goes out for lunch, Michi Pro the Great Space War Vol 10, we refuse to let all things be bad, lots of trivia, Cass added trivia to IMDB, Marvins, Yeet me up Scotty, Elon’s Extraterrestrial Ejection, Non, how we conned a podcast network into thinking we were a good podcast, Epsilina watches Charlie’s Angels, Lucy Liu is great.

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