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73. The Low Low Price Job

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We’re watching the Low Low Price Job, joined by @HauntingtheMorg, ask us about Chain Supermarkets, Unions, and Heavy Metal Toxicty!

We had some audio errors, Cass and Fabby’s tracks are a little echoey this episode, but it will be back to normal next episode.

Cass recounts the story of Henrietta Lacks from 1:00:57 to 1:03:25, warning for discussion of consent issues and systemic racism in medicine).

We also discuss Fabby’s Meowing, Morg’s Steal Let’s Cast, Brooklyn 99 and video essays, perchance to doggy dream, self ID with scientist, pls @ us, Teasing Emily day, analytics on-air, the podcast baby, Cass might be Sabaning Fabby, Mr Gorbachev tear down the pay wall, Wall;mart suks, bad horny, this podcast recognises only the one true Wolverine (and it’s Laura), working 9-4:55, flexing science muscles, Henrietta’s Tumor, self-care is including a fact about the composition of a metal-adhering protein in your podcast, the first ever Elcor Podcast, IASIFeelingsville, Protect Martin, high-school military club, State Farm memes, Big Boss = Jango Fett, Hurley amnesty, transgendered by the Saddle Club, You know who invented unions? Wamen, that’s Britney Bitch, laconic Ned Kelly, finishing the time.is.

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