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74. The White Rabbit Job

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We’re watching the White Rabbit Job, ask us about Jefferson Airplane, Game Masters, Party Girls!

CW for those episode for manipulation, gaslighting, panic attacks, and an attempted suicide.

We discuss an attempted suicide from 1:01:15 to 1:5:15, and 1:12:13 to 1:14:50

We also discuss: Good MORNING CASSI-DY, bug news, Fabby’s good selfies, the Doctor’s big finish, live transgending, it’s an Alice in Wonderland homage (DO YOU GET IT?), Chekov’s energy drink, the team gives this guy a panic attack, DO YOU FIRETRUCKING GET IT?, take the estrogen pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes, its your line bro, straitjackets in mad-max times, Hardison is getting stretched thin, 5 hours on repeat, the gig is up, Cass “I’m Baby”, oh hello ‘the Finns’, Weird al clip, chekov’s energy drink returns, DID YOU GET IT?, trivia wants us to think that inception is relevant, this questionable bop, shapeshifting is the idea trans power, Nu-Who, the best lets steal deal, Alamo Furry Convention.

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