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76. The Toy Job With Eric and Emily

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We’re watching the Toy Job, joined by Eric and Emily, ask us about PILFs, Janus, and Christmas (Again).

We also discuss Eric the Generous, its Christmas, relationship goals: complementary Overwatch roles, generic stationary, when you get glasses, Recognising the cast, there were some chauvenists this episode, the penultimate leverage, Cassidy = little babby, all Lucys are queens, the deadly nose, this is Fabby’s house, babies are destructive, explaining the joke is good actually, the team have handled harder, Italian Mickey Mouse, the disappointing Christmas of Mrs Moon, Elliot go horny wolf, minigolf good, hey John maybe that’s kinda fucked, Christmas truths by Nate, Heartbreaking, trumpet and fatherhood expert, this is fine, the anti-scam lady, smoochin Janus, Snake Claus, Fabby-swears, we are all vixen, the forbidden Nate gift, Leatherdaddy St Nick, frolicking with cornbread, the age of the agegeek baby geek baby.

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