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Episode 21: The Ice Man Job With Ryan

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We’re watching the Ice Man Job, we also talk about Sodey pop, Ferraris, and the artificial inflation of the value of diamonds.

We’re also joined by Ryan @replacewythy.

We also discuss: We finally get another Hardison episode, did our call just go down?, Frankie gives a recap of season 1, the first instinct of a cop, Bonano should’ve been replaced, wrestling in Jimmy Choos, the return of Jim Sterling, Hardison will be fine as long as the guys aren’t Russian, while editing this my audacity glitched so that I have to solo all the tracks to hear everything, anyone know why that might have happened?, Friends at this table, our very first sponsor, Frankie and Ryan decide to tangent into Kingdom Hearts, the Liberal National Party continues to be fuckwits, Ginger Beers, Blood Zirconium, Gayveler, Bobby blows cool Ice breath onto Wolverine’s open beer bottle, Parkour.

Tusk The Gay Orc Dating Sim
Ocean’s 8
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drops Distance

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