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Season 1 Retrospective: Trust

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We’re ending Season 1. we're talking about THEMES, anything that’s come before, and accidental capslock!

We also discuss, the ne’er released pilot, co-host Pepper, we need to find a Shego, Mark Shepard, we finish talking about broadcast order shenanigans, Trust, one sentence summaries, pride, we discuss the abilities of Blizzard, Fortnite, Nate and his grief, Elliot and feelings, Parker and coding, Hardison and masculinity, Sophie and trust, best villains, the art of the con, we list our highlight, we must unfortunately drop a controversial opinion, Landis = bad.


We recap our recommendations from series 1 as well as recommend:

Supporting your local video game and non-video game wrestling

A series of unfortunate events season 2

The League of Heels at PAX Rumble 2017

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