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Season 2 Retrospective: Family

Let's Steal a podcast LSP published on

We’re recapping season 2! We’re talking about Family, the grass being greener, and fence sitting.

We also discuss: Blockbuster Video, the bad genre of gaming (MOBAs), Dead by Daylight, Sophie’s (lack of an) Arc, Tara is real freakin’ good y’all, plumbing the rich mines of AO3, Mamma Mia AU, Tara Cole Headcanon uncovered, Mr Bannana, a fuhckin Garde, Richard Nixon back again, long shot, weedstock, straightedgegate, ediblerock, we write Tara/Sophie fanfic, the weed ritual, Joisey Boys, things to come.

Namco High
Kim’s Convenience
SophieD prolific Leverage Fanfic Author

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