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Season 3 Retrospective: Patience

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We’re recapping season 3! We’re talking about Patience, season arcs, and a Diamond in the rough.
We also discuss post-Christmas blues, Giantbomb Fantasy League results, Critical Role’s new animated intro, hey there Delilah what’s it like in Dunwall Tower I’m a thousand miles away etc, No Vines for Fabby-Ann, Knife Dad & Gay Daughter: Origins, Laura Kinney is very good, Whomst amongst us can watcheth the television?, it’s like episode one all over again, the Hets are at it again, Recording’s on first, we understand how hosts don’t remember their bits now, Mr Leech, Mr Sejic who can make Cass care about het relationships (18+ Twitter link), AvaLance 5 evar on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, what did Elliot do when the team took down Moreau, Anger Tirade, MCU Completely our new MCU Complete Me Review Podcast, we talk about Captain America: the Winter Soldier for five minutes, Janet Van Dyne pitch, our top and bottom 3 episodes, Mr Cena’s Time is now, Australian Politics Corner with #libspill, our fave bits, we should discuss Hot Fuzz, Disney Plains, Prince Charming, Fables spoilers from 1:16:00 to about 1:17:41, Bloody Mary <3, Possible Nacho Libre episode upcoming.

Fabby-Ann’s top ten Queer games of 2018
Mystery Show and creator Starlee Kine

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