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X13. The Sting

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We’re watching The Sting (1973), joined by Ashley, we’re talking about the Ponies, Diner food, and Mentors.

We also discuss many different Stings, wrestling tangent, a different switch, Lez Avenger (a villain), Stardom, wrestling tangent, Bray Wyatt, Bray’s Puppet squad, the Fiend, Fabby’s Movie nights, visual novels and submissive reader characters, Cass did some things this week, Fabby: One fear, watching the film with a nice lady, Corporations bad; Logo good, bad notes, bad gambler, shelf depreciating my podcast, Ocean’s 8, Conning’s Warehouse, Australia is space Mars, communication is key, Gandalf the crime, Kid Twist/Original Male Character(s), Fabby yells at Nate again, Ashley’s film flagellation list, prank war, snappy dialogue, two paths diverge in front of the Brony, Cassadu, someone told Fabby to not live deliciously, Julia Morris introducing herself, Sophie does Nate, Wife Clover.

Utopia Season 4
Cassiopeia Quinn
TWA episode 200 – Plunder Rangers

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