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X14. A Knight’s Tale With Jasmine and Lexi

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This week, Fabby-Ann is away at a convention, but we’re watching A Knight’s Tale, joined by @tabletopgamera, and @Pidmon, We’re talking about Anachronistic Music, Changing your Stars, Masquerades.

We also discuss The Outer Wilds, Pods, weird exam scheduling, MOBAs bad, Music switch, Synthezoid Arse, the famous writer people spake weird, periodic poetry, Geoff’s pound of flesh, good set dressing, Jocelyn drinkos Coffeee, telegraphing villainy, Count ‘I’ve made a terrible mistake’ Adhemar, the Drarrysassination of friend of the podcast Jasmine by the host Cassidy, Will Bi, “Do not shush me and spare him.”, time is cyclical, name affirming climax, Lindsay Ellis’ Woke Disney, early 00s lashback on diverse casting, none of us watch the Masked Singer, hexrecs.

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