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Episode 10

Episode 10: Duke of Cork, the Business of Coffee

Allan Beechinor published on

Aidan Duke rocks on to the LifeForce Mentors Podcast wearing a cast following a biking accident in Spain. Aidan is a Triathlete and his LifeForce is his balance. He owns the very successful Dukes Coffee Company in Cork City and has almost 15 years experience in the food business. 

We discuss the emotional aspects of running a food business. That feeling of visiting ‘Aidan’s place’ and how food customers expect to see the man himself! How to manage that customer experience and why the team is a crucial part of this. Built on a culture of loyalty Dukes have a solid core team.

Dukes don’t do FADS but still manage to cater for everyone. Sourcing good local ingredients is key to this. 

We chat about failure, about managing stress about measured risks. We even talk about happiness and why being content is enough even to just appreciate happiness a little more. 

Learn about the bottom line, the difference between cash flow and profitability. How to win corporate business using nostalgia in packed lunches! 

A must listen for any entrepreneur considering a food venture or running a food business. 

Find out if Aidan prefers: 

Wine or Vodka 
Rock or Rave 
Beach or Mountain holidays 
Android or IOS 
Tea or Coffee 
Running or Cycling


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