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Episode 8

Success and Happiness Hacks by Micheal O’ Mathuna

Allan Beechinor published on

“Success and happiness hacks” by The Health Zone Founder Micheal O’ Mathuna 

Working originally in corporate sales where he excelled. MÍcheal fell into the usual 
Should's -Must’s - Have to’s 

It was during a holiday in South Africa’s that he had the eureka moment that he was not living an authentic life. India, was next and some deep soul searching resulted in Mícheal beginning his creative journey at University College Cork radio station. Micheal began to live using the Artist Way by Julia Cameron some years ago. He now runs the very successful Health Zone in Cork in Ireland and runs multiple health and wellness conferences in Ireland each year. 

Nominated for Cork Business of the year award in 2017, MÍcheal continues to succeed by: 

1. Setting daily goals/planning 
2. Prioritizing 
3. Saying No 

He discusses the theory of Addictive personalities and it’s connection to trauma. He has interviewed some incredible Health and wellness experts including:

1. Dr Gabor Maté
2. Dr Bruce Lipton 
3. Tony Humphrey’s 
4. Dr Ivor Browne 

It is from this research and study that Mícheal has developed “success and happiness hacks” he shared so many amazing hacks with us. The biggest tip for entrepreneurs is to trust yourself, please listen and share. 

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