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David “Avocado” Wolfe, is one of the most prominent and long-standing voices, to champion the powers of “superfoods”, and promote the longevity multiverse. He gives expert advice in health, energy, peak performance, nutrition, organic & biodynamic farming, beekeeping and the benefits of chocolate.

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00:00 Trailer.

02:11 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

04:27 Brian’s introduction.

05:39 Long term friendship with Woody Harrelson.

09:59 Terence McKenna initiated David’s passion for farming and growing his own food.

14:24 From advising Novak Djokovic, to connecting to elemental energy like Wim Hof.

17:21 Tony Robbins taught him we need certainty, but we also need uncertainty to grow and change.

21:48 Grounding, what it means and the benefits of Wim Hof’s cold-water exercise.

26:49 The fractal patterns of nature are very good for harmony.

32:17 After Reykjavik, on to Ontario, California and then Hawaii for a long cleanse with Woody.

33:15 A month long cleanse is an internal and spiritual experience when you will face your demons.

36:34 Using stem cell injections to increase longevity, possibly to 200 years old.

48:51 America now is like a person who doesn’t read, is no better off than a person who cannot read.

53:13 The divergent mindsets of Brooklyn, Missouri, San Diego.

59:30 Nutrition, culture and art are all David’s passions which he enjoys researching.

1:02:21 Scientism fanaticism is religious fundamentalism.

1:09:50 How David has got his message out to so many people.

1:18:22 David sees the discontent and anger which social media engenders.

1:21:25 Anger, violence and intense volatility in America.

1:24:15 “People who don’t listen to a vision are damn fools” - Jack Kerouac.  David is glad he listened.

1:30:01 How NutriBullet was the answer to his dreams and has transformed so many lives.

1:34:58 David’s ways of doing business i.e. policy of no contract, just handshake deals.

1:39:11 Success is persistence. “I will persist until I succeed…“

1:42:18 Where David’s drive comes from.

1:44:13 David’s experience of psycho-active plant medicines.

1:58:39 There is nothing better than being with Native Americans in their traditional sweat lodge.

2:04:04 David’s surprisingly extensive knowledge of the Iboga family and other plant families.

2:12:41 Wide list of who David thinks of as successful in diverse fields from flat earth to vaccination. 2:23:31 The flat Earth argument, David questions the legitimacy of the science from Antarctica.

2:36:21 How David stays optimistic with his lack of trust in pharmaceuticals and governments.

2:38:40 What is his super power and why the name Avocado.

2:41:49 Worst and best moments of David’s life.

2:47:36 Having too good a time to have children, but there’s still time if he lives for 3000 years.

2:48:16 Success secrets.

2:48:45 What David has changed his mind about recently.

2:53:16 David’s theory about the recent hurricanes.

2:55:41 Recent US Presidential election was a no-win situation for the voters.

3:02:29 What we should be eating for health and longevity.

3:07:53 What is it like to smoke weed with Woody Harrelson.

3:11:04 Advice to the twenty year old David Wolfe.

3:12:01 Best advice he ever received.

3:12:39 Advice to the young person listening who want to be like David Wolfe.

3:15:16 Brian’s summing up.


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