London Real
Episode 500


Julian Bailes published on

Douglas Rushkoff is a writer, documentarian, and lecturer whose work focuses on human autonomy in a digital age. 

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00:00 Trailer.

02:12 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

05:12 Brian’s introduction.

06:06 The pre-internet psychedelic days of late ‘80s, early ‘90s London.

11:30 Social media causing public’s panic and confusion.

13:02 How social media companies use your data to change your behaviour and make you addictive.

20:52 What Douglas thought the internet would be and when he realised it would not and why.

27:48 Facebook and similar companies’ need to grow and make a profit causing dehumanisation.

34:00 Human attention is the only thing that is scarce, but it’s the only thing we have, it’s our time.

35:00 Douglas’ argument with how Uber operates.

38:31 Capital is king, with no thought given to land and labour issues.

47:06 Google is a holding company and no longer innovative.

50:44 Humans will be and should be replaced by computers: the motivator for starting Team Human.

54:39 Douglas’ prediction for the future.

59:10 Perhaps AI is just a ruse.

1:00:24 The concept of present shock and how we all experience it.

1:03:35 Steps we can all take to combat being in present shock.

1:07:42 Moon cycle effect on humans.

1:09:39 Know that every app you put onto your phone will demand your time and violate your privacy.

1:17:33 Douglas’ view on whether plants will ultimately help us in the war with artificial intelligence

1:25:39 The role of psychedelics in our humanism.

1:28:07 Artificial intelligence (AI) what it could be, but what we should be worried about.

1:36:36 Modern terrorism is a hack of our media system.

1:41:38 What Douglas sees in Donald Trump and his optimism for the next four years.

1:50:48 The art of storytelling.

1:58:09 Douglas looks into how London Real could develop in their mission.

2:02:04 Success secrets.

2:04:43 Choice of becoming rich doing a job you don’t like or being alive doing something beneficial.

2:09:39 Looking at The New York Times’ objectivity.

2:12:49 Who Douglas thinks of as successful,

2:13:58 Darkest moment of Douglas’ life.

2:16:26 Best day of his life.

2:17:53 His time in the theatre and a possible return.

2:21:41 What keeps Douglas awake at night.

2:23:17 What scares him.

2:24:06 What we would be surprised to learn about Douglas.

2:25:07 A phone call to the 20 year old Douglas.

2:27:08 Best advice ever received.

2:28:10 Advice to the 20 year old listening who wants to grow up with the insight of Douglas.

2:30:02 Brian’s summing up.


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