Lupin Lottery

Episode 22

Episode 022: Copyrighted Costume Party

Chumpersonable . published on

Episode watched: #90 "Bad Guys Are Truly Big Villains"


In this episode, Lupin hyperfixates on a superhero movie and then gets lured into a murder trap full of people in  actual, real, not-even-attempting-to-hide-it superhero costumes!


This week we talk about the worst day online, baby's first splatfest, the most New York song, international boyfriends, the best translation error, new son, bike boys on a date, the least lucky mugger, yet another trickster god-child, Lupin goes to a con, Fred Flintstone is here, cartoon mouse confusion, justice kidnapping, don't say swears, the actual Incredible Hulk, still canonically buff, and Lupin commits arson.

Lupin Lottery - Episode 022: Copyrighted Costume Party
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