A biweekly show where music fans talk music, and whatever else comes up. Most episodes feature myself (Mark) & recurring co-host Johnny (both occasional YouTube music reviewers & aspiring musicians), sometimes with one or multiple guests. We tend to alternate & between planned-out segments & more free-flowing conversations, all while not being afraid to go down a rabbit hole if one comes up. We tackle topics in or outside of the music world which we genuinely find entertaining, rather than the obligatory big news stories. There may be a hot take, but we don't have a quota on those. Previous guests include fellow reviewers (ARTV, The Rock Critic, ACriticNamedKevin, etc), music writers (Riley Rowe of Metal Injection), and potentially well-known artists in the future. Every episode (including the 15 quality ones made prior to when we started posting here) is also uploaded onto my YouTube channel, Spin It! Reviews. Check out the Mad Sounds playlist there, as well as other videos I put up there on a fairly regular basis. Stylistically there is more of a bend toward the rock side of things, but our tastes go all over the map of what's happening in music currently, especially depending on the guest. No matter your preference, there will be something to get out of an episode of Mad Sounds. Hope you stick around!