Mark Bell's PowerCast
Episode 100

Bill Phillips -- A Transformational Icon

Jim McDonald published on

Our very special guest for episode 100 is Bill Phillips -- a man who helped shape the fitness industry as we know it today. He parlayed a self-produced steroid and supplement newsletter into opportunities to become a trainer for celebrities and athletes, to become the publisher of a pivotal industry magazine, to become the CEO of a hugely successful supplement company, and to become a retired multi-millionaire at age 34. Along the way, he brought innovative products like creatine and CLA to market for the first time, and brought the "body transformation challenge" genre into the mainstream.

Bill tells the story of how the ability to "get shit done" led him down this path and offers advice to others about seeking and managing success. He also relates how a painful accident a few years ago led him to find a new love and to rekindle his passion for helping people transform their lives. 

You can find Bill on Instagram @billphillipsfitness, Facebook and his website.. 

Mark Bell hosts with Michael Farr and Jim McDonald. Jim McDonald produced. 

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Mark Bell's PowerCast - Bill Phillips -- A Transformational Icon
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