Mark Bell's PowerCast
Episode 13

Chris Bell Returns - Trophy Kids - HBO's State of Play

Jim McDonald published on

Director Chris Bell returns to the program to talk about his film “Trophy Kids” which will be featured on the HBO documentary series “State of Play” on December 4. The complete film will be available on HBO GO on December 4 and HBO On Demand on December 5.

“Trophy Kids” examines parents who obsess over the athletic prowess and competitive success of their children. We run down some of the different ways that kids are pressured to perform in sports -- and what drives parents and others to apply this pressure. Chris shares some examples from the film, and we talk about some ways that parents can encourage their kids without being pushy and overbearing. 

Jake Wood, Chris Bell, Leland Anderson and Anthony Melillo produced the documentary. “State of Play” will look at portions of the film and discuss the issues presented. Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights) is the Executive Producer of "State of Play." Chris Bell is Mark Bell's older brother and director of the Sundance documentary, "Bigger Stronger Faster*" 

Mark Bell's PowerCast - Chris Bell Returns - Trophy Kids - HBO's State of Play
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