Mark Bell's PowerCast
Episode 72

Dr. Jim Stoppani - Black Belt in Broscience? - The Lost Episode

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We had some problems with the Skype recording for this episode, but it's been cleaned up as much as possible and the content was so good, we decided to release it. Jim Stoppani (@jimstoppani) carries a doctorate in exercise physiology with a minor in biochemistry from the University of Connecticut, but some people think he has a black belt in bro science. Jim is prolific writer, coach, and supplement manufacturer. He's become the go to guy for supplement questions and his writing is regularly featured on 

We run through a number of topics including, pre- and post-workout nutrition, "chasing the pump." the mental game of dieting, and tattoos. 

Mark Bell hosts with Michael Farr and Jim McDonald.

Mark Bell's PowerCast - Dr. Jim Stoppani - Black Belt in Broscience? - The Lost Episode
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  • Wayne Edwards

    Despite all of the audio issues they had, this was such a great episode of the podcast. I was so anti supplement for the longest time. You couldn't even get me to take protein powder. The only thing I ever felt worked was old school xenodrene before it was banned by the fda thanks to idiots. I've taken up to 20mg of yohimbine during a cut, never felt anything. Creatine, don't feel like I'm a responder whatsoever. I've been on and off of it for years, MCT's and Coconut oil's were cool but I'd rather get the fats from foods or milk. The best comment made was people just want something to believe in. That's why the supplement industry makes so much money, and that's why people take so much useless shit.