Mark Bell's PowerCast
Episode 15

Eric Lilliebridge - Powerlifting Phenom

Jim McDonald published on

Eric Lilliebridge graciously joined us the day before his most recent meet while he was attempting to put some pounds back on after weighing in. Following in the footsteps of greats like Stan Efferding, Eric is assaulting the 275 lb weight class raw (with wraps) powerlifting records while maintaining an impressive and aesthetic physique. At an age (23) when many guys are just getting into serious strength training, Eric has ten years of experience. His experience and extensive training knowledge really impressed us over the course of this interview. At his meet the next day, Eric totaled 2,254lbs including a huge 942 lb raw squat. 

We also discussed Eric's amazing family. Along with his dad Ernie and his older brother Ernie, Jr., the Lilliebridges are one of the strongest families ever to compete in powerlifting. (They also share a love of muscle cars.) Watching them train and lift together is truly inspiring. Their e-book "The Lilliebridge Method" is available for purchase by emailing them at

Mark, Silent Mike and Jim kick off the podcast by opening an unexpected package, involving a previous podcast guest, that arrived had just arrived in the mail. 

Mark Bell's PowerCast - Eric Lilliebridge - Powerlifting Phenom
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