Mark Bell's PowerCast
Episode 162

James "The Thinker" Smith - Part 1: "You May Be Unqualified"

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Episode 162 is part one of our two-part interview with James Smith, a man we first became aware of as “The Thinker” on the Elite Fitness website. We cover how James went from being a classical guitar student to pursuing his dream to become a Navy Seal -- and how losing that dream ultimately led him to coaching strength, writing, and now consulting with top sports franchises. In his consulting work, he sometimes finds himself telling team management that they’re unqualified for the work they do, EVEN when they’ve been successful. Put your thinking caps on for this one! 

You can find James at

Mark Bell hosts with Michael Farr and Jim McDonald

Mark Bell's PowerCast - James "The Thinker" Smith - Part 1: "You May Be Unqualified"
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  • Marlon Kaz

    I am sure James Smith is a very interestin guest. I only wish he wouldn't try to express everything as complicated as possible. This might give the impression of being really smart, but is actually just annoying.