Mark Bell's PowerCast
Episode 144

Matt & Andy Vincent - The Brothers Vincent II

Jim McDonald published on

Our guests for episode 144 of the PowerCast are Matt and Andy Vincent. They’re both Highland Games athletes and Matt’s a two-time world champ. He’s also in the running for most frequent PowerCast guest whose last name isn’t Bell. This is their second appearance together on the show, so we covered some of your training questions as well as a whole bunch of other topics. Matt is also the owner of hate brand goods and by the time this episode drops, he should be shipping his new mobility sleeve, [which you can see him using here]. Be sure to listen through the end because he gives a discount code for his entire site especially for Powercast listeners. 

Mark Bell hosts with Michael Farr and producer Jim McDonald. 

Mark Bell's PowerCast - Matt & Andy Vincent - The Brothers Vincent II
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