Mark Bell's PowerCast
Episode 22

Max Aita - Weightlifting Coach and Raw Powerlifter

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One of our favorite dudes, Max Aita, joins us to talk about pursuing dreams...and changing directions when they abruptly end. When an injury ended Max's weightlifting career, he shifted into coaching other weightlifters and competing in raw powerlifting. Max has squatted 705 lbs raw with knee wraps in the 220 lbs weight class. You may know him from a YouTube video where goes from squatting an empty bar to 600 lbs in about 30 seconds.  We also ponder things that powerlifters can learn from Olympic weightlifters and vice versa. More about Max's gym and coaching program here

Mark Bell hosts with Silent Mike and Jim McD. 


Mark Bell's PowerCast - Max Aita - Weightlifting Coach and Raw Powerlifter
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  • ryansaplan

    44:50 there is an amazing them that's worth so much in training. It's so awesome. Straight simple.