Mark Bell's PowerCast
Episode 46

Robb Wolf on How Paleo Has Evolved

Jim McDonald published on

You probably know Robb Wolf is a former research chemist and the author of "The Paleo Solution." You probably didn't know that before he started eating paleo, before he opened the very first CrossFit affiliate, and long before he became a bestselling author, Robb Wolf was a powerlifter. A pretty darn strong one, too. You could say that he has a pretty good idea of the demands faced by strength athletes, 

Whether you love paleo or hate the whole idea, you probably don't know as much as you should about how much it's changed in the last few years. Robb filled us in on how his opinions have evolved and what practical experience has taught him about how this nutritional approach should be applied everyone from top athletes to couch potatoes. 

Check out Robb's website and podcast for tons more information. 

Mark Bell hosts with Michael Farr and Jim McDonald.

Mark Bell's PowerCast - Robb Wolf on How Paleo Has Evolved
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