Mark Bell's PowerCast
Episode 34

The Beast Oberst - World's Strongest Man Competitor Robert Oberst

Jim McDonald published on

World's Strongest Man competitor Robert Oberst joins us to talk about his rapid rise to the level of pro strongman. He breaks down his approach to training and how he incorporates many methods, including CrossFit, into his training week.  Robert earned his pro card in 2012 and has already competed in a number of high profile shows including the Arnold Classic and this year's World's Strongest Man. At 6'7" and over 400 lbs, he's a beast of a man with great intensity and a huge sense of humor.

The show kicks off with discussions about a new type of apparel for a very specific body part, "freelance animals" and the question "Can you be too lean?"

Mark Bell hosts with Michael Farr and Jim McDonald.

Mark Bell's PowerCast - The Beast Oberst - World's Strongest Man Competitor Robert Oberst
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  • Brandon Whittaker

    You guys are awesome!!!! I started following you from Brandon Campbell's video and listen to you all day only have about 7-8 left to hear! Can you talk about how the sling shot works and if it is beneficial to a guy who started lifting about 6 months ago? Try not to shit your selves!