Me Being Me
Episode 10

E10 Momentum Mindset from a 7 year old boy

Parker Winder published on

Ten! Can you believe it! Here is my tenth podcast.  If you have been along this journey, there was a bit of break in the publishing timeline.  I have made a strong promise to myself and commitement to truly be Me Being Me.  It has been a long time.

Do you remember how pure, perfect and abundantly you saw the world when you were a seven year old? It is right before you learn about conditioning and you make key decisions about stories. I remember it was the first time I was in any type of selling situation - not like the door to door aggressively I was doing a few years back.  Every been approached by someone selling something and their energy and vibe is off. Yep, that was me. I knew I was going to be told no before I even spoke. It lead me to a path where maybe some of you have been before, "there is something wrong with me." 

Finally, I had a few sales, but I did not feel right.  I had been given a dopamine gift. You're clear about your intent, super clear about your intent, why you want it and why you deserve it, and you feel you deserve it in your heart because you love yourself and you love them. You see yourself as this loving, amazing person with a great intent. You see them the same way, committed, and strong.  I continued to get momentum which brought a feeling of gratitude.

This story and experience taught me a lot about who I am and how momentum builds from a single step. I want you to come on the journey with me.  Make that decision right now for yourself if you want to join me. 

Regardless if you join me, I will continue on this journey of Me Being Me.  Thank you for joining me on my tenth podcast of me being real, honest and myself. If you ever want to talk more, you can reach me at or Instagram. 

Love P


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