Me Being Me
Episode 16

E16 My Love of 4:30AM Wake Up

Parker Winder published on

I love my mornings! I get up at 4:30AM to get outside to start my day.

Me Being Me foundation is powerful self-creation. If someone is willing to get up at early in the morning, you can absolutely change their life. They can handle so much more stress and greater level of awareness.

Every morning is the opportunity to create yourself powerfully.  Do not let your body be in control. Your mind is in control and tells your body what to do. That is not enough, there is a next step. You have to make your mind subserviant to you.  For me,  I do not want my mind to drag me around in circles, keeping me away from the key things done that I have designed for the day or week.  If I do not get up my process correctly, I will find circumstances and excuses will try to get in the way. 

To create more value and powerful results require a powerful awareness and ability to design who you are being. I invite you to get up early and be intentional on that time between 4:30 - 6:00 AM.  Put yourself in some physical discomfort and be in charge. Do not let resistance stop you.

If you are listening to this, find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or MeBeingMe.Live to send me a message about how your morning went.  I am curious if you love it as much as I do as Me Being Me.





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