Me Being Me
Episode 30

E30 Intentionally Created You

Parker Winder published on

Me Being Me is really You Being You as well.  It is the version of you which is the most effective and valuable version of yourself.  Althought this may look the most effortless for those looking in, it is an intentionally created you that is either turned ON or turned OFF.

ON is where the magic happens. When you are on, you are connected, tuned in, in harmony with the universe and to see outcomes throught. When you are OFF you are in your own way. It is where your life really does not change, you resort back to comfort and that cuts off and blocks your energy.

Let's work together to identify those next steps you need to take action on to be fully ON.  I want you to be operating with love and in your gifts. Visit me at to drop me a line,

If you ever want to talk more, you can reach me at or Instagram.



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