Meda Critic

Episode 4

Episode 04: Bougie Sasuke

Chumpersonable . published on

In this episode, the gang sneaks into a rich school to track down the legendary medfighter, who is said to have never lost a match. Once inside however, they break a priceless vase and have to work off their debt by attracting customers at the school's host clu- oh wait fuck that's the wrong anime ABORT


This week we talk about mugs of soda, Sean has a Type, gamecube talk, yamcha crater, the new metal kid, hankey girl, all food is purchased from huts, precambrian vampire, just a cavalcade of rich people jokes, the kangaskhan bean boy, muppet bot, Indiana Jones and the Temple of School, 8 left feet, mondo dumps, Medabot: Become Human, Referee The Judicator, medabot singularity, really big limo, and sensurround

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