Meda Critic

Episode 11

Episode 11: The Florida Cumbies

Chumpersonable . published on

In this episode, a third-rate journalist is convinced that Ikki is the Phantom Renegade, and his efforts to unmask him ruin both Ikki's and Henry's lives!


This week we talk about the most average game, weedman blowjob, Bad Writing 3: The Blizzarding, 1 step from Joker, extremely troubling implications, the clan Macarena, waiting for clumsyboy, return of badtext, shit in the tub, accidental dunks, this line kills the man, somnrobattlist, arrested for public Ranma, Phantom Renegade halloween costume, groundpunch echolocation, Rokusho's just there, and is Marty young JFK?

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