Meda Critic

Episode 16

Episode 16: Why Does Shrek Extra Large Cost 92 Dollars

Chumpersonable . published on

In this episode, the rubber robos cook up a plan to not only get Rokusho's rare medal, but also kill Dr. Aki as a bonus!


This week we talk about dedicated dance button, ORCS, falling down the gamecube hole, shrek games, suddenly winter, here's where the intro came from, real names, make your medal feel good, Medafucks, the puns are getting worse, flashback with bird, he's dying you monster, the stroke circut, groundskeeper Henry, chick salesman died offscreen, fire gawking, Metabee is going to hell, bury your feelings, he lives in the TV, weaponized furbies, and a surprisingly large amount of robot dogs.

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