Meda Critic

Episode 17

Episode 17: Dick Health Dot Org

Chumpersonable . published on

We follow up on last week's episode, as we navigate intertwined paths, an aAki exoneration, and oh yeah also Metabee can use the medaforce.


This week we talk about family guy zombie moments, old bad cartoons, Twitch plays RPG Maker, car problems, warcraft 3 for some reason, tentacle-heavy episode, referee OUT, an incredibly dark 3 PM, Robo-Emperor got mouth, robots = magic, aging VERY poorly, growing medabots, what if they made a Medabots "Pluto", big small chip, good puns, expert distraction, the return of chick man, animation budgeting, new voice Baton, moment ruiner, digivolvolution, Rokusho the pirate, pet weather, ineffectual villains, people gotta get gas, and Ava tortures us.

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