Meda Critic

Episode 26

Episode 26: Player's One Readygrounds

Chumpersonable . published on

In this episode, we get a twenty-minute action sequence that justifies itself by being very cool.


This week we talk about a medabot-related epiphany, runescape again somehow, Hussie for smash, Jim Carrey say pingas, theory of generic man, stuck in Tennessee, cardboard Metabee, Mr Referee is giant, noting in the rules, technically an appliance, toned robot ass, upgraded to bunnies, parts from nowhere, radical rex, the robot UN army, wisecrack processing unit, we have catscare, cheating is okay sometimes, slim jim dad, phantom tief of Cumbies, time and space unraveling, extremely boring dad, pummeld lupin, an entire wiki page, and more garbage!

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