Meda Critic

Episode 28

Episode 28: Sexism Resigned!

Chumpersonable . published on

n this episode, Sam has a crush on some shitty boy who's mad that she's a better robattler than he is!


This week we talk about a boy named 5, travel woes, flexing ghibli dilfs, Benedict Bandersnatch, good purchasing decisions, the worst bonus, leftist in the workplace, Yo-Kai Watch lookin' motherfucker, reinventing the Catra, soccer fey folk, Double D but not smart, 10-year-old chainsmoker, voodoo love doll, bad wording, stupid weenie boy, Peppercat development, taunting a husk, last summer 4 years ago, technically an appliance, fighting her killer instincts, Sam solves sexism, my brother Sailor Uranus, soda talk, and FUCK Moxie.

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