Mind the Gap
Episode 15

Caesar's Messiah with Joe Atwill

Kevin Martin published on

Hello, today I am delighted to have on my show "Joe Atwill" as we discuss Joe's 2006 book Caesar’s Messiah. The book and Documentary have created a big stir in the religious and scholarly fields of Christianity the book re-examines the relationship between the Roman Empire and the founding of Christianity and questions the legitimacy of the historical writings. We go into a deep conversation regarding social engineering, Freemasonry and the depiction of historical events that people may find hard to integrate, so be prepared to enter the Rabbit hole. Joe is a regular contributor on the podcast "Powers and Principalities” with the

You can reach Joe at Joe.Atwill@Gmail.com and https://Caesarsmessiah.com

Please contact me at www.amidalifecoach.co.uk if you are interested in coaching sessions and support with 

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