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Breathwork for Trauma Release with Cari Merriam

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What is breathwork? Can it lead to more than relaxation or meditation? Cari Merriam, a yogi and breathworker, tells us how you can tap into your own wisdom and knowledge that's within you. By pulling up energy from the lower chakras from joy and sadness to trauma release and even orgasm! Breath is medicine for the cells and mind that can further cleanse the body the bigger and bolder that you breathe. 

The brain wants to understand, and through breathwork we can activate certain parts of our brains and bodies and get beyond understanding to all knowing - beyond the logical thinking mind. It starts with the experience of deep breathwork and giving your body the opportunity to relax and release. Different from regular breathing, breathwork for trauma release is a consistent, prolonged breathing technique, inhaling in twice and exhaling out all through the mouth. This technique allows the body to experience the breath on a much deeper level that some would say on a soul level.

Box Breathing Technique

Cari takes us through a simple, breathing technique called box breathing. This type of breathing exercise is good for relaxation and when you find yourself in moments of stress. It is an impactful technique.

Inhale to the count of four.
Hold for four. 
Exhale to the count of six or eight. 
Then hold for six or eight. 

This is helpful in reducing cortisol simple by the nature of focusing attention on breathing (a form of meditation) and also counting your inhales and exhales (giving the mind a simple task to maintain focus).

Active Breathing

By actively breathing, (Cari's technique it's inhaling in twice and exhaling out once all through the mouth) you give yourself the opportunity to be in the now. This is because you must consciously be aware of the breath as you are actively maintining a breathing style that is different from your everyday breath. By taking in more oxygen, the body has the opportunity to open up and release any physical, stored emotional, or energetic tensions and traumas that live within the body. It actively moves that stuff around, and just by breathing!

About Cari Merriam

Cari is an expert breath, healing, health, lifestyle + fitness guide with a mission to increase global happiness by increasing global consciousness. Yoga and her transformational work have changed Cari's life beyond words. She's gone from lost and directionless and deeply unhappy to experiencing the lasting joy and peace that comes from living a life of freedom, passion, and purpose. In 2016 Cari moved to Bali and set up Strength and Surrender, a transformational experience using yoga and powerful transformation techniques, dedicated to helping people recognize what’s standing in the way of living a life of freedom, passion, and purpose,. Check out Cari's latest content at, any of my social channels under Cari Merriam or listen to my latest podcasts at Embodied Enlightenment.

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