Movement Unedited
Episode 11

The Power of Listening and One Key Intention: a Conversation with Alyse Speyer and Achille Ramambason

Alyse Speyer published on

Part One of a private conversation between Alyse and her friend Achille about life, meditation, caring for ill parents, and being in transition.

Listening and being present for our fellow humans is the single most important gift that you can offer. Allow people to share their stories with you no matter how weird or cool or uninteresting those stories might be, you will most definitely learn something from the other person and from deep within yourself, if you pay attention.

Talk is often cheap, and it’s mostly because the vast majority of people don’t feel heard and need someone to listen to them, particularly during difficult times such as undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Two realisations came to me during my 10 day trip to Los Angeles to support my mother during her treatment.

Lessons Learned

  1. No one can ever see what they have. You need an external factor to show you for perspective. This could also be an experience, such as a tragedy or adventure.
  2. Everyone is lonely and wants to be heard.
  3. Silence is golden. Not speaking is the greatest gift you can give to another person.

Create an environment of safety and space for people to be comfortable being themselves. When they feel comfortable, you learn so much from them.

Also having one clear focus per time chunk really helps you align yourself to your to-do list. Knowing your primary aim can help you keep your energy and your focus, knowing to say “no” to the things that tax your energy because they are distractions from your one thing. This creates space for yourself too and affords you the ability to also create space for other people.

Steps for success completion of projects

  1. Set an intention
  2. Focus solely on your one thing.
  3. Do the work in spite of everything that you feel, because you are not your feelings.
  4. Celebrate every win, especially the teeny tiny ones.
  5. Don’t get rid of your early drafts.
  6. Review your progress.
  7. Celebrate again.

Your mind is a pattern making machine, put a container on it so that you leverage this tool to your benefit. For example, light is everywhere, but when it’s contained in a light bulb it is useful, powerful, and allows for even more creation at all hours of the day and night.

Remember that your creativity stems from asking better questions. The answer is in the question or questions that you ask yourself and continue to ask yourself again and again and again. In essence, what kind of light do you want your mind to make? 

Does it help you go back to your roots? 

Movement Unedited - The Power of Listening and One Key Intention: a Conversation with Alyse Speyer and Achille Ramambason
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