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Episode 20

Exercising Political Leadership with M.P. Mark Gerretson

Scott McCarthy published on


In today's episode, I have the great pleasure of interviewing Member of Parliament (M.P.) Mark Gerretson! He was able to give us a behind scenes of being a political leader. Believe it or not there was no politics discussed 

  1. Why politics? 
  2. What are some leadership challenges which would be specific to political leadership?
  3. How does local political leadership differ from federal?  
  4. What are some of largest challenges you have faced and how did you through them?
  5. What are some of the successes which you are most proud of?
  6. Advice to others starting their political careers?

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Moving Forward Leadership: Leaders | Self Improvement | Communication | Team Building - Exercising Political Leadership with M.P. Mark Gerretson
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