Nancy LoPresti

Nancy O. LoPresti, Ed.D is a 21st-Century educator and leader in Sparta, NJ. Nancy O. LoPresti, Ed.D brings 24 years of educational experience in teaching, learning, supervising, teacher coaching, curriculum implementation and assessment, and student support initiatives to the position of Principal. Nancy O. LoPresti, Ed.D vast experiences have been attained through multiple degrees and certifications. Her degrees include: Bachelor of Arts degree in Education, Masters degree in the Art of Teaching, Masters degree in Educational Supervision and Administration, Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership for Teaching and Learning. Her Certifications include: Elementary Education K – 8, Teacher of Pre-school/Nursey Education, Teacher of Spanish K – 12, NJ Supervisor, NJ Principal, NJ Superintendent CE – recently completed the required mentor program In the Roxbury School District, NJ Paralegal certification.