Neon Nights: The Arcane Files of Jack Tracer
Episode 39

Case of the Unrung Bell: Episode 2 - Part 1

Jack Tracer published on

After barely escaping a sudden explosion, Jack is returned to Max McQueen with a new mission: Find Atticus Bell! Will Jack find the missing scientist?

Find out in Part 1 of the Case of the Unrung Bell!!!


Neon Nights: The Arcane Files of Jack Tracer was co-created by Will Snyder and Rachel Craig and is an Evil Kitten Production


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The episode the Case of the Unrung Bell was written by CJ Chapman and Directed by Lesley Chapman


Theme song was done by Daniel Carl with additional music by Kevin MacLeod and Dr. Saxlove


Jack Tracer - Will Snyder

Max McQueen/Narration - John Patrick Wencel

Hokuto - Kim Fukawa

Carver Callahan - Ashley Yates

Felicity Slouch - Brittany Ellis



Twitter: @Jack_Tracer


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