Number One Comic Books

Episode 15

Issue #15 Burnouts, Cemetery Beach, Return of Wolverine, Mystery Science Theater 3000

Brian Frederick published on

(Brian's pick) Return of Wolverine from MARVEL COMICS written by Charles Soule are by Steve Mcniven                               

He's back, bub.

(Rebekah's pick) Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Comic from Dark Horse Comics written by Joel Hodgson art by Steve Vance             

Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Comic finds Jonah Heston, Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo, and Gypsy thrust into the 2-D world of public domain comics, with riffing as their only defense! But trust us, these comics have it coming.                          

(Rod's Pick) Cemetery Beach from IMAGE COMICS written by Warren Ellis art by Jason Howard                               

From the creators of the acclaimed TREES graphic novels, which are currently being adapted for television, comes something completely different. A professional pathfinder, his only ally a disaffected young murderess, breaks out of a torture cell in pursuit of his worst extraction scenario ever: escaping on foot across a sprawling and secret off-world colony established a hundred years ago and filled with generations of lunatics. WARREN ELLIS & JASON HOWARD ignite a high-speed new action serial.                                    

(Joe's pick) Burnouts from IMAGE COMICS written by Dennis Culver art by Geoffo                              

Writer DENNIS CULVER (E Is for Extinction) and artist GEOFFO (layout artist of Marvel Rising) team up for a new ongoing series that combines the paranoia of They Live with Stranger Things. To save their friends and families, a group of high school teenagers must fight off an attack on their town by a secret alien invasion… but they can only see the aliens if they’re completely wasted. The Burnouts are saving the world one puff at a time!

Number One Comic Books - Issue #15 Burnouts, Cemetery Beach, Return of Wolverine, Mystery Science Theater 3000
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