Pod Like A Hole
Episode 3

The Downward Spiral Part 1

Staric Chanderstad published on



In this episode, your intrepid hosts delve into the abyss that is The Downward Spiral. Well, the first half anyway. We go over pop culture events that were lighting up the charts in 1994, the origins of The Downward Spiral recording, and the videos that blurred out nudity and had missing scenes peppered throughout. Speaking of missing scenes, the last twenty minutes were lost to the editing gods, so this episode ends on a cliffhanger. Will Eric get the time to act out his three act narrative based on The Downward Spiral? Will Steven finally nail his impression of a screeching guitar solo by just using vocal sounds? Will Marc even show up on the next episode after being fired for losing the last half of the episode? Tune in!



March of the Pigs: https://youtu.be/PL72Tyxe1rc

Closer: https://youtu.be/PTFwQP86BRs





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